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Scatter Cone


What you will need: 10-20 markers or anything to try and avoid if you have no markers. 1 ball advanced can use the numbers visual. set up all the markers in a 7 yard square. 1. using only 1 foot can you travel around the square avoiding the markers. Use all parts of your foot to navigate your way around for 30 seconds. Rotate feet on each set. do 3 sets on each foot. 1a. right foot only, 1b. Left foot only. 2. Using both feet and only the Sole Roll skill can you avoid the markers. again 3 sets of 30 seconds. 3. Sole Rolls, using the sole of your foot to avoid the markers, can you move the ball quickly. 3 sets of 30 seconds. If you find it too easy make the gap between the markers smaller and also the area smaller to test yourself further. Also add the Numbers Visual to help you get your eyes up more with the ball at your feet in close encounters.

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Training Membership, £7.00/month


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